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Introduction to gastroenterology

gastroenterologyAlready established when the institute was founded in 1950,The gastroenterology ward is currently located in the inpatient buildingBlock C, 6th floor,Digestive endoscopeThe room is our auxiliary surgery department,Located in the inpatient buildingSection C 2Beautiful environment

Now our medical staff24人(Includes gastroscopy room medical staff,医师7 (2 deputy chief physicians, 3 attending physicians, 2 resident physicians);17 nurses (1 deputy chief nurse, 4 supervisor nurses, 8 nurses, 4 nurses);There are 16 wards with 52 beds (including 2 rescue beds), and 52 beds are actually open。

科室With skilled Xian, excellence, service良好诊疗团队,Gastroenterology outpatient clinic, gastroenterology ward, digestive endoscopy room (endoscopy room is provided患者候诊Hall, triage table, gastroscopy room, colonoscopy room, resuscitation room,Rescue room,Gastroscopy cleaning room, colonoscopy cleaning room, gastroenteroscopy storage room, etc), currently I am in the department主要Diagnosis and treatment of diseasesGastrointestinal bleeding, abdominal pain, acute pancreatitis, chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis, acute gastritis, acute enteritis, cirrhosis of the liver, reflux esophagitis, functional gastrointestinal disease, peptic ulcer, etcAlimentary tractCommon or frequently-occurring diseases治疗Digestive endoscopy roomOwn OlympusV290Host system2套、FujitsuUltra HDHost system2套,设有患者Feed the stomachmicroscopyIncluding a painless gastroscopy)、Helicobacter pylori detection, staining endoscopy, endoscopic biopsyEarly cancer screening, etc

The operations performed included: removal of foreign bodies in the digestive tract, removal of polyps in the digestive tract, endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR), early gastrointestinal cancer mucosa stripping (ESD), non-varicose gastrointestinal bleeding and varicose bleeding hemostasis(including electrocoagulation, argon hemostasis, peptide clamp hemostasis,药物注射喷洒止血Varicose vein embolization and varicose veinsLapping hemostasis, etc.),It can also provide patients with gastrointestinal nutrition tube implantation, esophageal and gastric varices ligation and sclerosing tissue glue embolization, gastrointestinal stenosis and dilation, stent implantation and endoscopic internal hemorrhoidal sclerosisisotreatment。

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