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Introduction to gynecology

gynecologyIn September 2013, it was independent from obstetrics and gynecology and became a complete independent department。The department has selected and sent medical staff to the Affiliated Hospital of Guiyang Medical College, the Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College, the Third Military Medical University Southwest Hospital, and the Taizhou Municipal Hospital of Zhejiang ProvinceChangshu City People's Hospital, Jiangsu ProvinceClinical study and long-term help from well-known experts in Taizhou Municipal Hospital of Zhejiang Province, and long-term help from experts in the affiliated hospital of Zunyi Medical College,科室Medical technology levelThe visibility has been significantly improved, with a good reputation and excellent reputation, service concept sublimation, attracting many local and foreign patients to come to visit。Over the years, the number of outpatients, emergency departments and inpatients are in the forefront of gynecology in the county。

Gynecology existing medical staff22 of themChief physician2人,Deputy chief physician2人,Attending physician1人;Resident doctor5人。Deputy chief nurse1 person, supervisor nurse4People, nurses 5People and nurses2人。Department open bed51Zhang, Bed utilization rate:100%, the gynecological ward undertakes the diagnosis and treatment of family planning, gynecological medicine, gynecological surgery and various difficult diseases。With colposcope, LEEP, hysteroscope, laparoscope and other advanced equipment。

Gynecology has strong technical strength, taking the lead in carrying out laparoscopic surgery and gynecological malignant tumor surgery in our county, and has successfully carried out laparoscopic fallopian tube and accessory surgery, ovarian tumor surgery, hysterectomy, laparoscopic combined examination and treatment of infertility and hysteromyomectomy.Cesarean section scar incision pregnancy abortion,Laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy and ectopic intrauterine ring removal, abdominal and laparoscopic extensive hysterectomy+ Pelvic abdominal lymph node dissection, etc。On the basis of the examination of the original neobergen cells,Cervical HPV-DNA high-risk virus screening was performed,Diagnosis and treatment of vaginal and cervical diseases,Especially early cervical cancer screening,To form a unique means of diagnosis and treatment,The LEEP treatment of cervical precancerous lesions (CIN1-3 grade) was quantified,A boon to female patients。The treatment of gynecological inflammation, infertility, gynecological endocrine diseases (such as refractory dysfunctional uterine bleeding) by combining traditional Chinese and western medicine,Achieved good results;Skilled painless abortion to many patients who seek medical treatment for contraceptive failure to bring the Gospel from pain;In recent years, the new "Improved water sac combined with Mifepristone induced termination of second trimester pregnancy" was carried out.,Its effect is remarkable,Significantly shortened labor。

Gynecological ward withClassroom, examination room, hysteroscope room, family planning operating room, gynecological outpatient clinic with diagnosis room, examination room, abortion operating room, treatment room。To carry out the diagnosis and treatment of various gynecological diseases, gynecological treatment (microwave treatment, traditional Chinese medicine enema), etc。

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