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Introduction to general practice

On August 1, 2021, Sinan County People's Hospital has a separate branch of the general medicine department, open 52 beds, set up a general medicine outpatient department, with ECG monitoring, micro pump, electrocardiogram machine, invasive ventilator, visual laryngoscope, limb pressure therapy instrument, vibration sputum discharge instrument and other equipment。

General medicine is a comprehensive medical professional clinical secondary discipline for community and family, integrating clinical medicine, preventive medicine, rehabilitation medicine and humanities and social disciplines。It emphasizes the long-term responsible care centered on the people, taking the family as the unit and taking the overall health maintenance and promotion as the direction, and integrates the individual and group health care。

General practiceIt is responsible for the training and management of grass-roots assistant general practitioners and the general practice work guidance of health centers and community service centers in the district, and the management of chronic diseases, common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and sub-health people in the district, and provides periodic health examination consultation services。

Talent team structure:

There are medical staff in the department20 people, 6 doctors, 14 nursing staff, including 1 senior title, 5 intermediate title, 2 attending physicians, hospitalized医师3人

Department nurse station telephone:0856-8961344

Department doctor's office phone:0856-8961299