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Introduction to anesthesiology/operating room

     anesthesiologistIt was formed and independent in 1998Clinical departmentThe department has 3 medical staff8People, among them anesthesiologists14Chief physician1Deputy chief physician3People, attending physicians5人Resident doctor5People, nursing staff total24 people, of whichSpecialist nurse12人,Nurse anesthetist2 people, chief nurse 1 person, supervisor nurse7,护师14,护士2人。

The Department of Anesthesiology has the advanced laminar flow operating room in China15, anesthesia recovery room5Between and advanced medical equipment。Equipped with importsDrager anesthesia machineVentilator,Multifunctional monitor,B-ultrasound machine, fiberoptic bronchoscope, visual laryngoscope, controllable heating blanket,日本OLYMPUS choledochoscope, German Wolf brand laparoscopic system, eye surgery蔡司Microscope, German Carl Stoss HD laparoscope进口C-arm machine, importG臂机Ultrasonic knife, Xishan multi-functional power system, imported operating tableHigh-frequency electrotome,EMS hybrid lithotripsy cleaning system, EMS lithotripsy laser, self blood transfusion machine,And other advanced medical equipment。

The anesthesia carried out includes general anesthesia, intraspinal anesthesia and regional anesthesia。Anesthesia techniques used include: visual anesthesia, including bronchial localization by bronchoscopy,Nerve block guided by B-ultrasound, spinal canal localization guided by B-ultrasound, arteriovenous catheterization guided by B-ultrasound。Controlled hypotension,Double lumen bronchial cannula general anesthesiaIntraoperative and intraoperative autologous blood transfusion techniquesPainless delivery techniques, visual laryngoscope intubation, retrograde intubation,Painless abortion guided by B-ultrasound, stellate nerve block。

2004年科室In Tongren county hospital, we took the lead in carrying out painless gastroenteroscopy, painless abortion, painless delivery and postoperative analgesia. At the same time, we undertook the teaching and research work of colleges and universities in the province。
At present, the department has published more than 20 papers in national and provincial professional academic journals and magazines。其中,In 2002, the research "Discussion on the use of propofol and isoflurane in controlled hypotensive treatment in craniocerebral surgery" won the third prize of regional science and technology Progress。

The department insists on诚信Unity, dedication, innovationFor the purpose of。"Safe, comfortable and painless" as a guideline。Anesthesiology operating roomA vibrant, caring groupA positive, disciplined, united and cooperative whole。To provide patients with first-class equipment,Flow technique. It is our duty to flow the services to relieve the painIt is the common wish of all our staff that each Hui can successfully go through the surgical anesthesia

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