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Introduction to neonatology

The neonatal ward of our hospital is inAn isolated neonatal unit was established in 2009,Implement non-family nursing wards,The nursing staff became independent in October 2010,Sinan County "Critical Newborn Treatment Center" since 2017,At the same time, he was responsible for the treatment of critically ill newborns in Shiqian and Yinjiang counties,On October 12, 2019, it was officially independent after moving into the new hospital

Department staff structure: Currently医师7People, nurses21People, among them chief physician1 person, attending physician2People, residents4,。其中2He was hired as a member of Tongren Newborn Quality Control Center and published papers in provincial and national journals10余篇

The ward layout of the new hospital is designed according to the requirements of infection prevention and control in the hospital (including the general ward, blue light treatment room, premature infant ward, intensive care ward, isolation ward and other five wards, which are equipped outside the intensive care unit4 general wards, for the opening of family nursing wards), clean and dirty separation, the functional process is basically reasonable;Existing establishment bed30County and municipal treatment center requirements), high-end incubator6 sets, 35 sets of ordinary heating box, 7 sets of radiation-type rescue tableIt can meet the treatment needs of newborns in the region, meet the relevant norms, and achieve one bed and one patient;Neonatal ward equipment and facilities meet the relevant requirements,The department is currently equipped withSLE 2 high-frequency ventilators, 3 permanent frequency ventilators, 8 non-invasive ventilators (CPAP), 1 nitric oxide therapy instrument, and percutaneous bilirubin detector8Ecg monitor40台T-combination 5 sets,Neonatal resuscitation sac10套Air oxygen mixer7套Oxygen concentration monitor3台、Infusion pump, intravenous infusion pump, tracheal catheterNegative pressure suction device, oxygen absorption device, micro blood glucose meter, blue light treatment instrument, etcRescue facility。

Our department has sent medical staff to the neonatal department of Guiyang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital and the neonatal Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College for further studyAnd neonatal specialty standardized training危重Newborn treatment ability has a high influence in the whole county and even Tongren city, right"Neonatal asphyxia,Neonatal pneumothorax, neonatal shock,Nutritional management of very low birth weight premature infants, neonatal respiratory distress syndromeThe treatment of critical illness, and the rightThe diagnosis and treatment of neonatal common diseases such as neonatal pneumonia, neonatal hypoglycemia, neonatal hyperbilirubinemia have a high level

I treat every yearCritically ill newborn aboutMore than 60 cases, of whichSevere neonatal asphyxia approx10例左右Premature infantThere were 30-50 cases of RDS and more than 10 cases of pneumothoraxPreterm babies are admitted every year200 cases, of whichPreterm low birth weight baby aboutMore than 100 cases, premature very low birth weight infants about20余For example, weight小于1.There were about 10 cases with 5KgSuccessful treatment so farPremature babies,Minimum gestational age28 weeks, minimum weight 1.0Kg,Physical growth and intellectual development were basically in the normal range after the return visit.Few have differences程度Sequelae of。Our department adheres to the principle of patient satisfaction"Patient centered, care for life", care for every newborn, let them safely through the newborn periodBoth reduced mortality and improved quality of life

At present our departmentStart a non-invasive ventilator (NCPAP, NIPPV) and tracheal intubation ventilator (PCV, SIMVHFOVCapacity guarantee/ Pressure control) Assisted ventilation therapy,Clinical application of PSnewbornPICC, NO applicationDiagnosis and treatment techniqueThe next step will be step-by-stepCarry out newborn blood exchange,Umbilical vein catheterizationisotreatment技术Enhance the influence of our department in the region, and effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the critical newborn treatment center in the region。

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