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Introduction of TCM rehabilitation department

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Sinan County People's Hospital was founded in 1956, and the rehabilitation Medicine Department was established in 2013 on the basis of the original acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and other departments。Now it has become a first-class clinical department of the hospital and a key specialty of Tongren City, with 67 beds (accounting for 6% of the hospital) and a construction area of 4261.7 square meters。

The department has 32 medical staff,Chief physician 1,There are 3 attending physicians,7 resident doctors;14 nurses,There are 2 deputy chief nurses,There are 4 nurses in charge,There are 6 nurses,2 nurses;There are 2 rehabilitation therapists in charge,There are 3 rehabilitation therapists,There are 2 rehabilitation therapists,The annual number of consultations reached 10,000,The number of hospitalized patients reached 2000。

At present, the department has shock wave therapy instrument, automatic waxtherapy instrument, whole-body multi-joint isokinetic muscle strength rehabilitation evaluation and training system, suspension training system, gait analysis evaluation and training system, intelligent upper and lower limb feedback rehabilitation training system, early language assessment and training system, cognitive impairment rehabilitation evaluation and training system, TDMS type self-fixed frequency deep muscle vibration instrument, three-dimensional dynamic interference electrotherapy instrumentMyoelectric biofeedback stimulator, weight loss gait rehabilitation platform and other specialized large-scale instruments and equipment with a total value of more than 8.5 million yuan。

The specialty treatment projects carried out in the department include: traditional Chinese chiropractic, pediatric massage therapy, acupuncture treatment, moxibustion treatment, acupoint application therapy, acupuncture point injection, meridians and cupping therapy, fire needle, buried thread, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation therapy, speech therapy, neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation training。

Department nurse station telephone:0856-8961081

Department doctor's office phone:0856-8961265