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Introduction to the Medical Section
     1.Under the leadership of the president, organize and implement the medical business and prevention work of the whole hospital。
     2.To draw up relevant business plans, and organize their implementation after approval by the president and vice president。Supervise and inspect regularly, summarize and report on time。
     3.Go deep into each department, understand and master the situation。Organize major rescue and out-hospital consultation。Supervise the implementation of various systems and practices, conduct regular inspections, take measures to improve the quality of medical care, and strictly prevent errors and accidents。
    4.To investigate major medical errors or accidents, promptly put forward handling opinions to the president and vice president, and submit them to the Technical Steering Committee for appraisal when necessary。
    5.Responsible for the business training and technical assessment of the medical technical personnel of the hospital, and constantly improve the technical level of the business。Assist the Personnel Section to promote, reward and punish health technicians and deploy them。
    6.To be responsible for organizing the implementation of temporary out-of-hospital medical tasks and technical guidance to the grassroots。
    Seven.Organize and strengthen the cooperation between departments, improve the outpatient and emergency work。
    8.Supervise and inspect the supply and management of drugs and medical devices。