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Introduction to the Preventive Health Care Department
      1.Under the leadership of the Dean, he is responsible for the preventive health care and family planning work of the whole hospital and the district。
      2.To formulate preventive health care and family planning plans, organize and implement them after approval by the president, supervise and inspect them frequently, and make timely summary and report。
     3.Lead the undergraduate staff to complete the medical and health care work of the staff, organize regular physical examination, master the health status, and put forward the protection and protection measures to protect the health of the staff。
     4.Organize the preventive health care work of the staff and other departments of the hospital, and accept all kinds of physical examination tasks。We will do a good job in the management of infectious diseases, the reporting of epidemic situations and various health and epidemic prevention work。
     5.Supervise the undergraduate staff to implement the rules and regulations and operation routine to prevent errors and accidents。
     6.Organize the professional study and technical assessment of undergraduate personnel, and put forward specific suggestions on the promotion of undergraduate personnel。
     7.To inspect and urge all staff to strictly implement the medical insurance system。