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Introduction to Personnel Division
1.Under the leadership of the dean, put forward personnel work plans and suggestions according to personnel policies, systems and relevant regulations, and be responsible for personnel transfer and transfer。
2.Familiar with the professional level, organizational ability and political ideology of cadres, and put forward suggestions for promotion, staffing and appointment。
3.Often take the initiative to conduct in-depth research in the department, responsible for the assessment, promotion, reward and punishment of the staff of the hospital and the specific matters related to salary adjustment。
4.In accordance with the provisions of the State, do a good job in the retirement of staff, leave the work for rest and recuperation。
5.To be responsible for the management of staff personnel files, the collection and sorting of file materials, and the personnel statistics and personnel identification of the whole institute。
6.Be familiar with and understand the relevant national policies on personnel and social insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, etc., handle various related procedures according to the requirements of the director。

7.Put forward staff training and education plan, and organize the implementation to improve staff quality。

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