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Introduction to the nursing department
      1.Responsible for overall care under the leadership of the Dean。To formulate the nursing work plan of the whole hospital, and implement it after approval by the president and vice president。And check the quality of nursing work, summarize and report on schedule。
     2.Responsible for drafting and organizing the revision of the hospital nursing routine, and strictly supervise the implementation。Check and guide all departments to do a good job in basic nursing and graded nursing。
     3.Give technical guidance to rescue critically ill patients。
     4.Responsible for the formulation of nurse training plan and implementation measures。Organize the professional and technical training of the nursing staff of the hospital, organize a monthly business study, and conduct a professional and technical assessment every six months。
     5.To master the work, thinking and learning of all nursing staff in the hospital。To be responsible for the allocation of nursing staff in the hospital, and put forward suggestions on the calculation, allocation, award and punishment of nursing staff to the director。For the errors of nursing staff, responsible for organizing relevant departments and departments to investigate and put forward suggestions。
     6.Review the reporting plan and use of nursing supplies submitted by each department。
     7.To inspect and guide the management of outpatient, emergency, ward, operating room and supply room, so as to gradually achieve institutionalization, scientific and standardization。Supervise and inspect the implementation of rules and regulations by nursing staff, and put forward specific monitoring measures。
     8.Responsible for implementing and implementing nurse teaching and internship programs。
     9.Presided over the meeting of the head nurses of the whole hospital, analyzed the nursing work situation, and regularly organized the head nurses to check, learn and exchange experience with each other, and constantly improve the quality of nursing. Generally, once a month (quarter), they checked, learned and exchanged experience。
    10.To organize and lead the whole nursing research work and the promotion of new nursing technology。The deputy director of the nursing Department assists the Director in the corresponding work。