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Brief introduction of the trade style office
1.To assist the leaders of the hospital in arranging and deploying the supervision and rectification work of the whole hospital;
2.To be responsible for the inspection and guidance of the whole institute to correct improper practices that harm the interests of the masses;
3.To supervise, inspect and guide the special management of the whole hospital;
4.Assist higher-level supervisory organs to investigate and deal with cases of disciplinary violations that are strongly reflected by the masses related to the industry atmosphere, the integrity and self-discipline of relevant leading cadres, involving the supervision, inspection, coordination, guidance, summary and investigation of related disciplinary violations related to the optimization of the hospital development environment;
5.To supervise the implementation, supervision and inspection of the public announcement system, open system, commitment system and bidding system;
6.Responsible for receiving and handling all kinds of complaints and handling work of the whole hospital
Seven.To undertake various special management tasks and optimize the development environment deployed by the superior supervision and inspection office;
8.Under the joint leadership of the hospital party and government, conscientiously implement the spirit of the relevant documents of the superior on the construction of the industry style。Formulate and issue the annual implementation plan and relevant regulations of the construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the construction of the construction of the summary evaluation work。
9.In charge of the leading organization of the staff's profession and medical ethics education, while strengthening the profession education and publicity, coordinate the relevant departments with educational functions to jointly manage and carry out various forms of medical ethics and professional ethics education activities。
10.Responsible for receiving letters and visits from the masses on the construction of the style of work and decommissionization, conducting in-depth investigation and research, extensively collecting opinions from the masses inside and outside the hospital, and serving as a good adviser for promoting the construction of the party style, the style of work and the medical ethics of the hospital。
11.Responsible for thematic analysis of hot and difficult issues reflected by the masses, and formulate corrective measures。
12.Responsible for the satisfaction survey of all units of the hospital and the annual evaluation of the construction of fashion, and provide assessment basis for the payment of department allowances。Conduct professional construction and medical ethics assessment, establish staff medical ethics and medical ethics assessment files。
13.Establish and improve various management systems, establish scientific, standardized, strict procedures, and effective supervision and restraint mechanisms, and effectively prevent the occurrence of improper practices。

14.Complete the temporary task assigned by the leader。

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