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Introduction to endoscopy room

The digestive endoscopy room of Sinan County People's Hospital is located in the inpatient buildingThe second floor of Area C has a beautiful environment and covers an area of about 300 square meters. At present, there is a waiting hall for patients, triage table, gastroscopy examination room, colonoscopy examination room, resusction room, rescue room, gastroscopy cleaning room, colonoscopy cleaning room, and gastroenteroscopy storage room。

Own Olympus290 and Fujifilen ultra HD electronic gastroscopy, enteroscopy system,Gastroenteroscopy should be cleaned and disinfected in strict accordance with the standard of endoscope cleaning and disinfection of the Commission of Health and Family Planning,We have a gastroenteroscopy diagnosis and treatment team with skilled skills, excellence and good service,We can provide you with gastroscopy, colonoscopy and NBI staining under gastroenteroscopy,Emergency gastroscopy, colonoscopy and gastrointestinal bleeding hemostasis (including electrocoagulation, argon hemostasis, peptide clamp hemostasis, injection hemostasis, ligation hemostasis, etc.),Polyp removal and gastroesophageal foreign body removal under gastroenteroscopy were treated。

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