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Introduction of laboratory

医学The laboratory was created inIn 1950, it was integrated with medical treatment, teaching and scientific researchClinical medical technology DepartmentThe building area of the department is close1500 square meters, divided into office area, emergency laboratory and central laboratory, with specimen collection and pre-treatment, clinical bloodExamination, clinical fluidsTest, clinical chemistry test, clinical immunology test, clinical molecular diagnostics test, clinical microbiology test and emergency test8 professional groups。HIV preliminary screening laboratory approved by Guizhou AIDS Identification Center Laboratory in 2011, clinical gene amplification laboratory approved by Guizhou Clinical Testing Center in 2014,Member units of the National Health Commission and provincial bacterial resistance monitoring network,In February 2016, it was awarded "Clinical Key Specialty" by Tongren Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission.。

Talent teamDepartment existing staff36People, which test专业Technical personnel33People, nurses3 people, bachelor degree35人,Postgraduate student1人;Bachelor's degree accounts for97.2%, which is a senior title25.6%;Associate senior title38.3%Intermediate professional title11人占30.6%;;Junior professional title 20 people accounted for 55.5%Deputy Chairman of the municipal branch1 member, 1 member of the national branch, 3 members of the provincial branch。He has presided over and participated in 2 national scientific research sub-projects, undertaken 2 provincial scientific research projects and 4 municipal scientific research projects as the first completed person, and won the Guizhou Medical Science and Technology Progress Award FoundationAward for progress in Hospital Medicine1Item;Tongren City science and technology progress third prizeIn the past 10 years, he has published 3 national core journal papers and nearly 30 provincial core journal papers。

Equipment configuration:雅培a3600 automatic biochemical immune line, Xisen MeikangXN9000 series blood cell analyzer line, blood cell film reading system Bi-60, Beckman automatic immune BXI800 immunoassay system, Roche 601(electric) chemiluminescence analyzer, BOLE B-10 glycated hemoglobin analyzer, Cyssenmecon cs5100/cs2000 Automatic hemagglutination instrument, Merieux COMPACT60 automatic drug sensitivity identification instrument, automatic enzyme sensitivity instrument,Automatic immunoblotting machine碧迪BACTEC-FX200 automatic blood culture instrument, Bidi BD-FACZLSCantoTM II flow cytometer, MINICAPFP electrophoresis apparatus, immage800 specific protein analysis, ABI750 automatic PCR amplification analyzer, automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument,Automatic nucleic acid molecular hybridization apparatusGene amplification apparatusAumont fluorescence microscope, urine analysis line,Fully automaticStool analyzer,Automatic vaginal dischargeDetection analyzerSemen qualityanalyzerImport automaticTest tube labelingDistribution systemEXS3000 automatic microbial mass spectrometry detection system and a large number of advanced inspection equipment。

Service capability医学Laboratory developmentRenal function, myocardial injury markers, lipids, electrolytes, rheumatism, sex hormones, thyroid function, tumor markers, immunomolecular diagnostics, autoantibodies, infectious disease screening, bacterial culture and identification,药敏、Clinical hematology and morphology, various body fluid detection and hemorheology and other projects are close350余项。Among them: routine chemistry, routine immunity, blood, humoral, infectious markers and microbiology, etc.组织Participated in the inter-laboratory quality evaluation activities of Clinical Laboratory Center of National Health Commission and Clinical Laboratory Center of Guizhou Province.The average PT score is more than 90%, which ensures the accuracy of the test results。With reference to the requirements of CNAS-CL2012 "Standards for Accreditation of Medical Laboratory Quality and Competence", a relatively complete quality control of medical laboratory has been established管理体系。

Professional characteristics

Thrombosis and hemostasis detection platform: This platform is a complete coagulation detection project in China, which can carry out coagulation system, fibrinolytic system, anticoagulation system and other tests。

Autoimmune disease related detection platform: automatic flow cytometry can be usedT lymphocyte subsets and cytokines were measured。Systemic autoimmunity was performed by fluorescence immunoanalyzer and fluorescence membrane strip method疾病, autoimmune hepatitis, cholestatic cirrhosis and other related antibody detection。

Chemiluminescence detection platform: Detection of tumor markers, thyroid function, sex hormone, parathyroid hormone, thyroid-related antibodies and myocardial markers through chemiluminescence, including respiratory tract tumor, digestive tract tumor, gynecological tumor, breast tumor and myocardial injurymarkerIt provides a reliable basis for early diagnosis, curative effect observation and prognosis monitoring。

Pathogen detection platform for infectious diseases: The automatic microbial identification and drug sensitivity system is equipped with an internationally certified expert system, which makes the bacterial identification and drug sensitivity judgment standards of our hospital in real time in line with international standards。

Clinical molecular diagnostic platform: At present, the main detection projects are hepatitis B virusDNA quantification, hepatitis C virus RNA quantification, tuberculosis bacillusDNA, human papilloma virusDNA typing, influenza virusEpstein-barr virus, Group B streptococcus, thalassemia genotyping,Genetic testing for deafness,Hand-foot-mouth enterovirus, new病毒Respiratory pathogens and pathogensIsonucleic acid detection

Clinical teaching and personnel trainingTechnology is the first, the tree is the first to educate people, we are both Guizhou Medical University,Zunyi Medical University,Tongren Vocational and Technical College, Zunyi Medical College, Qiannan Ethnic Medicine College, Qiandongnan Ethnic Medicine College and other large and medium-sized colleges and universities of medical laboratory practice and teaching base, but also the county township health hospital inspectors training base, has completed the practice and teaching9More than 0 people, and has been highly appraised by the employer。In the past decade, more than 10 people have been sent to Guizhou Medical UniversityAffiliated hospitalGuizhou Provincial People's Hospital, Zunyi Medical UniversityAffiliated hospital, Taizhou Municipal Hospital of Zhejiang Province, Southwest Hospital of the Third Military Medical University studied clinical immunization, clinical chemistry, microbiological examination, hematology examination, flow cytometry and laboratory management, so that the business and management level of our department has been improved。

Department culture:医学All the staff of the laboratory have always been in line with"Do not forget the original heart of the doctor, keep in mind the health mission" purpose, remember the "thick de fine medicine, service is sincere" hospital training, adhering to the "quality,规范Security, development"Quality policy to guide clinical practice,Carry out various work。

Training: Test the quality, win in the execution。

Development concept: Think of more to do, do more to do!

Address: Sinan County People's Hospital, Changshu Dadao, Shuangtang Jingkai District, Sinan CountyFirst floor, Area C

Contact number:

Central laboratory (临床Blood Group) :0856-8961339

PCR sample processing Area 1:0856-8961346

Clinical Chemistry Group:0856-8961177

PCR sample processing Zone 2:0856-8961175

临床Body fluid Group:0856-8991114

PCR样本Amplification area:0856-8961232


临床Immune group:0856-8961248

Emergency Laboratory:0856-8961348