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Introduction to Blood transfusion

The Blood transfusion department of Sinan County People's Hospital is a comprehensive discipline integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research2013Since its establishment, with the support of hospital leaders and the unremitting efforts of department staff, it has gradually developed into a characteristic department with a complete and scientific clinical blood transfusion management system。

Personnel structureCurrent staff of the blood transfusion unit7People, including deputy chief technician1Man, supervisor technicianTwo people, inspection technicians4人。

Advanced equipmentAutomatic blood group analyzer, special centrifuge, immune microcolumn incubator, electric thermostatic water incubator, multifunctional blood plasma dissolver, platelet constant temperature oscillation storage box, all kinds of blood products special refrigerator。

Business scope1) ABO positive and negative blood group identification, RH blood group identification and typing, cross matching blood (microcolumn gel method, polycoagulant method, anti-human ball method), irregular antibody identification, Coombs test, prenatal blood group antibody detectionThromboelastogram test。(2) Carry out component blood transfusion to improve blood transfusion quality。The proportion of component transfusion reached more than 99%。3Storage autotransfusion was performed。4Responsible for the preservation and inquiry of blood transfusion records。(5Participate in the review and consultation of difficult clinical blood transfusion and mass blood use, coordinate to solve the blood use and discussion of new clinical technology and newly carried out surgery cases。

Quality objectiveSafe blood transfusion, rational blood transfusion, scientific blood transfusion, effective blood transfusion

Department telephone0856-8961062