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Introduction to hemodialysis room

Hemodialysis room, referred to as hemodialysis room, is a place for kidney replacement treatment for patients with chronic renal failure or acute renal failure caused by related diseases by means of hemodialysis。Through hemodialysis treatment, metabolic waste can be removed from the body, excess water can be removed, electrolyte and acid-base imbalance can be corrected, and renal function can be partially or completely restored。It is a clinical department set up by internal medicine of hospitals at all levels to treat chronic renal failure or acute renal failure。In accordance with the Regulations on the Management of Medical Institutions, the Measures for the Management of Hospital Infection, the Measures for the Clinical Application of Medical Technology, the Norms for the Management of hemodialysis rooms in Medical Institutions and the Standard Operating Procedures for blood Purification and other relevant laws and regulations,Persist in deepening reform,Scientific and technological development,Steady development;Always put people first,Be honest,Seek practical results,Heavy service,We will strive to meet the growing medical needs of the people,In order to realize the development goal of building hospital hemodialysis into a key discipline with nephrotic hemodialysis as a specialty。

The hemodialysis unit of our hospital was establishedIn December 2012, with the strong support of hospital leaders,With the joint efforts of all my colleagues, the hemodialysis center of our hospital continues to develop and grow。At present, the total area of the hemodialysis center is about1200 square meters, well-equipped, reasonable layout, spacious, bright, warm and comfortable, equipped with central air conditioning, equipped with international advanced bipolar reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, central liquid supply, hemodialysis machine and hemodialysis filtration machine。

Hemodialysis unit of our hospital50 dialysis machines (Bereneiden, Germany), including 6 hemodialysis filtration machines and 44 hemodialysis machines, all have urea nitrogen clearance monitoring, adjustable Na+ dialysis, low temperature dialysis, heparin free dialysis, sodium citrate dialysis, simple ultrafiltration, sequential dialysis and other new blood purification technologies。The department is also equipped with 5 infrared therapy devices, which can promote local blood circulation through the role of hyperthermia, accelerate the regression of local congestion, and promote the healing of arteriovenous puncture wounds。The department is also equipped with cardiac defibrillator, various rescue instruments and drugs to ensure timely and effective treatment of critically ill patients。

The hemodialysis room of our hospital has high-quality professional blood purification technicians20名,4 doctors,Three of them were attending physicians,1 resident doctor;There are 16 nursing staff,Among them, there are 5 supervisors,There are 10 nurses,1 nurse;1 engineer;With the support of hospital leaders, doctors and nurses were sent to provincial top three hospitals for specialized training to participate in specialized classes,And continue to participate in the national blood purification annual meeting and provincial regions held kidney disease, blood purification academic meeting,Learn cutting-edge expertise。The medical staff is skilled and experienced to provide quality service to patients at any time。Deep vein catheterization techniques such as internal jugular vein catheterization and femoral vein catheterization have been developed.Hemodialysis, hemodialysis filtration, high throughput hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, simple ultrafiltration, sequential dialysis and other blood purification technologies are routinely carried out,Stick to a biocompatible dialyzer,Use the dialysate A, B finished liquid produced by professional manufacturers,Adhere to the individual dialysis treatment program,Ensure dialysis quality and adequate dialysis time。

The hemodialysis room of our hospital can not only provide renal replacement therapy for acute and chronic renal failure,It also provides effective treatment means for acute and critical patients,Such as: sodium water retention caused by heart failure, acute pulmonary edema, water poisoning, diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperkalemia and other serious electrolyte disorder, a variety of drugs food poisoning and other diseases treatment。Dialysis programs can be developed according to the actual physical conditions of patients to prevent symptoms such as hypotension and shock caused by various reasons。

The hemodialysis room of our hospital strictly implements the policies of local medical insurance, rural cooperative medical care and civil affairs to help dialysis patients, which greatly reduces the financial burden of patients and their families, enables them to carry out regular dialysis without concern, improves the quality of life of patients and reduces the mortality rate。

The blood purification room of our hospital will continue to serve the majority of patients with the principle of "people-oriented and diligent service",In terms of vascular access, we will gradually carry out central vein catheterization with tunnel and polyester sleeve, autologous arteriovenous fistula, and interventional therapy of vascular access,Continue to carry out blood purification therapy in the spirit of continuous progress,In order to ensure the quality of treatment for patients more effectively,Reduce complications,Improve the quality of life of dialysis patients。

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