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Our college held a Party committee theory central group centralized study meeting
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

On May 30, our college held a centralized study meeting of the theoretical central Group of the Party Committee in the conference room on the fourth floor of the administration。All members of the Party and government team of the Institute, middle-level cadres of administrative functions and party branch secretaries attended the meeting。The meeting was presided over by Tian Xingwu, Party secretary。

会上,院党政班子成员分别领学了习近平总书记在中共中央政治局第三十八次集体学习时讲话精神,国务院第五次廉政工作会议精神、《菠菜台子》《中共中央关于加强对"Opinions on the supervision of the First Leader" and the leadership team, "Regulations on the Accountability of the Communist Party of China," Regulations on the Supervision of the Communist Party of China Within the Party, "the Guiding Opinions of the Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China on Promoting corruption in One body," Provisions on the complete prohibition of alcohol in Official Activities in Guizhou Province, "and Opinions on Strengthening the work of combating and controlling Telecommunications Network fraud and Crimes,And make a special discussion。

The meeting stressed thatWe should deeply understand the learning content, improve the political position, strengthen the responsibility, and promote the deep integration and mutual promotion of party building and business work。Translate the learning results into the promotion of hospital development andThe impetus of key work such as the creation of "third-class A hospital", and the increase of convenience measures to better meet the medical needs of the people。