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Listen to the voice of the party warm feelings - Sinan County People's Hospital to carry out "July 1" visit condolence activities
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

In recent days, members of the party and government team of Sinan County People's Hospital have led a team to visit the difficult party members of our hospital, veteran party members and the first secretary in the village, sending them the warmth and care of the party, and extend holiday greetings and wishes。

"How is your old health, what difficulties in life want to tell us, the hospital is always your home, often go home to see?In the home of the old party member Gao Xiyu, Tian Xingwu, secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital, had a cordial conversation with her, and understood her life and earnestly asked about her physical health。84 years oldGao Xiyu, everywhere in the identity of a party memberBe strict with oneselfWhile on duty也是Diligent and silent, Tian Xingwu thanked her for her contribution to the construction and development of the hospital

The members of the Party and government team also visited the difficult party members and the first secretary of the village, understood and asked them about their life and work in detail, told them to take care of their health, and listened to youFirst village secretaryWork status report。

The condolences, so that difficult party members and veteran party members, the first secretary of the village really felt the warmth of the party organization, deepened the exchange of ideas and feelings, expressed heartfelt thanks to the care of the party organization and the leadership of the hospital, and said that it will play a good role in the model and contribute to the high-quality development of the hospital。