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Sinan County People's Hospital held the "Red movement Wujiang · Jiangong Sinan" Party building leading style ability mobilization and deployment meeting
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

8月22日,Sinan CountyThe People's Hospital is in the conference room on the eighth floor of the administration召开"Red movement Wujiang · Construction of the south" party building leading style abilityMobilization and deployment meeting。The members of the party and government team of the hospital, the middle-level cadres of the hospital, all the staff of administrative logistics, all the supervisors, and the nurses who are not on duty in each department attended the meeting。The meeting was presided over by Deng Chongdi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the hospital。

Meeting and courtParty secretary Tian Xingwu conveyed县委"Red move Wujiang ∙ Construction and Sinan" Party building leading style ability mobilization and deployment meeting spirit;Party Committee members, Vice president An Shifa read the"Sinan County People's Hospital"The Wujiang River is moving red.Think south"Party building leading style ability to greatly improve the implementation plan"Wang Jianyuan, member of the Party Committee and secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection2023 Social public opinion sampling survey on the construction of Party style and clean government in the province进行Arrange and deploy

The meeting stressed that一是全院干部职工要提高思想认识,把学习习近平总书记重要讲话精神贯穿工作始终,把思想作风建设摆在首要位置,充分认识思想作风建设的重要性,并Continue to vigorously grasp the construction of hospital style and medical ethics, and constantly improve the people's sense of obtaining medical treatment and satisfaction。二是Strengthen organizational leadership, take multiple measures at the same time, adhere to one position and two responsibilities, and pay close attention to key links and key positions.Taking the improvement of style ability as a guide to ideological compliance and action, with a high degree of political consciousness and responsibility, the improvement of style ability runs through all aspects of work.Ensure that the industry style of ability to improve effectiveness。三是To deeply understand the significance of industry style ability to improve the work, Party members and comrades should take the lead in doing a good job of demonstration, discipline, rules, bottom line, combined with the actual work, conscientiously carry out self-examination and self-correction, timely rectification and improvement,Effectively change the style of thinking, from the ideological construction of compliance with the rules and discipline, the ideological defense line of resisting corruption and preventing changeTo promote the high-quality development of hospitals。四是It is necessary to take overall consideration and closely integrate with the actual workThrough the guidance of party building, enhance the work style and service ability to achieveIn their place, take their responsibility, do their heartEstablish a good image of party members and cadres loyal, clean and responsible, improve the hospital's comprehensive service ability, and provide efficient and convenient quality services for the people。

During the period, focused on watching the prevention of telecommunications network fraud warning education film, chief accountant LAN YanArrangements were made for the work of "Preventing telecom network fraud, building a harmonious and non-fraudulent South"。