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Tongren Anesthesiology Society's sixth annual anesthesia meeting and the fourth anesthesia quality control meeting was held in Sinan
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

On July 10, the sixth Annual Anesthesia Meeting and the fourth anesthesia quality Control meeting of the 2021 Anesthesiology Branch in Tongren City was held in Sinan召开。Tongren Medical AssociationPresident Zhao ShengfenDeputy head of Sinan County People's GovernmentZhang Guifeng,Chairman of Tongren Anesthesiology BranchXu Yan, SinanDeng Chongdi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the county People's Hospital, and the lecturing experts attended the meeting。Meeting orderChairman of Tongren Anesthesiology Branch徐艳主持

At the opening ceremony,Deputy head of Sinan County People's GovernmentZhang Guifeng was appointed governor of Longhai County委托To all the leaders and experts表示热烈欢迎。她说,It was a time of celebration across the country of the founding of the Communist Party of China100周年On this occasion, we are fortunate to welcomeTongren City sixth anesthesia annual meeting and the fourth anesthesia quality control will be held in our county, this充分It reflects the concern and attention of the municipal Medical Association to the medical and health cause of our county。All this time,Our county attaches great importance to health care.We should focus on the development of medical and health services just as we do on education.Efforts have been made to improve medical conditions and improve the level of medical services, and the county's health undertakings have made great progress。After the overall relocation of the hospital, the facilities and equipment have achieved qualitative improvement and medical conditionsYou have obtainedOverall improvement。The convening of this meeting,It is a great opportunity for us to learn knowledge, learn from experience and improve our level。We will go through this meeting,认真Learn the expert's superb business, management experience, good style, with a more pragmatic attitude to improve the county's medical service level, for the county's people's health and economic and social development to make greater contributions。

Zhao ShengfenIn his speech, he pointed out that in recent years, the team of Tongren Anesthesiology Branch has been growing, and more and more medical workers have made outstanding contributions to the benefit of the common people and the life and health of the local people。The convening of this academic annual meeting is of great significance. The vigorous development of anesthesiology in Tongren not only benefits from the attention of leaders at all levels to anesthesiology and the guidance of the development of the discipline, but also the crystallization of the hard work of colleagues in the city。At the same time, the holding of the academic annual meeting not only built a good platform for the academic and experience exchange between anesthesiologists and well-known experts in Tongren City, but also promoted the anesthesiology medical treatment in the whole Tongren area服务The overall improvement of the level plays a boosting role。

It was the beginning of summer, the trees were shady, the river was blue,This academic conference canHeld in Sinan, and by the county people's HospitalWe feel honoredSinan County People's Hospital已有Over 70 years of history。Over the past 70 years, with the glory and dream of developing the medical and health cause of the motherland, the hospital has always adhered to the strategy of "strengthening the hospital with talents, reviving the hospital with science and technology, and establishing the hospital with quality", paid attention to cultural construction, and rapidly improved the technical level. All undertakings have made great progress。Learning is a way of life, but also a way of workI hope you medical workers canEstablish the concept of lifelong learningAlways do it in your study"Learned, interrogated, deliberated, discerning, practicing", let knowledge enrich themselves, let learning develop themselves。In the face of new challenges and opportunities, join hands, inherit the tradition, accelerate innovation, and make greater contributions to the cause of anesthesiology in Sinan and the health of Sinan people。Deng Chongdi, deputy Party secretary and president of Sinan County People's Hospital, said in his speech。

During that time, distinguished expertsThe latest research results and hot issues in their respective research fields were explained in a simple way.Their wonderful speeches received bursts of applause from the participants。Many participants have said that the lectures of experts and professors are both"Tall", but also "grounded gas", very practical, so that they have broadened their horizons, expanded their horizons, increased knowledge, answered questions, and really benefited。

The academic meeting is sponsored by Tongren Medical Association, Sinan County People's Hospital, is the cityanesthesiologyThe highest level and specifications of the academic conference。There are from the city's district and county people's hospital, traditional Chinese medicine hospital, private hospital and Sinan County township hospitalMedical workers,Sinan County People's Hospital team members and middle-level cadres400Others attended the meeting