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Sinan County People's Hospital held a speech contest on "Static therapy Nursing, wound ostomy"
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

In order to further improve the practical ability of clinical nurses in our hospital, promote the standardized quality management of nursing, and provide high quality and safe nursing services for patients。On the afternoon of June 14, the nursing department of Sinan County People's Hospital was in the conference room on the eighth floor of the administration开展"Static Care, Wound Stomy" speech competition。Yang Xiaoqin, member of the Party Committee and vice president of the hospital, attended the event。

Based on rich clinical experience, participants from various departments focused on static therapy nursing and wound stomy"Specialty characteristics", "risk control", "quality improvement", "team building" and "training and education"In terms of comprehensive summary of the new results in the improvement, demonstrated我院The nursing elite team adheres to the hardworking wisdom and beautiful style of clinical practice innovation。

经过激烈Competition, this competition selected the intravenous therapy group firstChen Yiting, Department of NephrologyTang Lixiarunner-upHemodialysis room Li LiThird placeInfected Ke Gong Shanping;First place in wound stomyGeneral surgery Chen Yingxia, second placeJoint surgery Anita Lai, third placeNeurosurgery Zan Lina。

Through this event,不仅It provides a stage for nursing staff to show their ability and style,It shows the positive, innovative and enterprising spirit of the nursing team of our hospital, and promotes the static therapy nursing and wound stomy of our hospital专业Enhancement of connotation。