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The functional department of Sinan County People's Hospital successfully developed a new technology - contrast-enhanced ultrasound
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

近日,Sinan County People's HospitalFunctional departmentAssociate Professor Wu Zuohui at Zunyi Medical University指导Carry out successfullyThyroid contrast echocardiographyThe development of this new technology has beenMore than 10 patients brought convenience。

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound is recognized as the third ultrasound doctor"Eye", also known as the "third revolution" in the history of ultrasound development, the successful development of this technology helps doctors to discriminate the lesions of various organs, find more and smaller lesions, and greatly improve the accuracy of ultrasound diagnosis in our hospital。

What is contrast-enhanced ultrasound?

Contrast ultrasoundIt is a technique to obtain contrast-enhanced images by using the strong backscattering generated by ultrasonic contrast agent (sonovi) gas microbubbles in the sound field。It improves the sensitivity of low-speed blood flow and the display of tiny blood vessels,The microvascular perfusion of tissues was observed dynamically in real time,The resolution, sensitivity and specificity of ultrasonic diagnosis were obviously improved,The dynamic and quantitative evaluation of local blood perfusion information can be observed in real time,It is a new ultrasonic examination technology which is non-invasive and non-ionizing radiation。

Is ultrasound contrast agent harmful to human body?

At present, the contrast medium used in domestic contrast-enhanced ultrasound is sonovir injection。It is a very safe preparation of microbubble suspension, with an average diameter of microbubbles smaller than red blood cells, which are expelled from the body by breathing.After 30 minutes almost all the gas is expelled)。Since all components of the product are non-toxic, the incidence of adverse reactions is extremely low, and there is no liver, kidney and cardiac toxicity, which is a safe and reliable clinical diagnostic technology。

The unique advantages of CEUS:

     1.The biggest feature of CEUS is that the examination is convenient, fast, real-time and dynamic display, and the entire blood perfusion process of the lesion can be observed, and it can be watched repeatedly, and observed frame by frame。This helps doctors differentiate the lesions and find more and smaller ones。

     2.Since there is no X-ray radiation, CEUS can be checked immediately even during the operation and can be repeated many times in a short period of time. It is fast, simple and real-time, so it is safer and more practical in terms of real-time interventional efficacy。

     3.The use of ultrasound contrast agent is small, no skin test, no radiation and hepatorenal toxicity, safe and reliable。The contrast agent is mainly metabolized by the lung, and is especially suitable for patients with liver and kidney insufficiency, liver and kidney organ transplantation or acute pancreatitis。

     4.Diabetic patients do not need to stop taking metformin and other drugs before CEUS, and do not need to drink a lot of water after it is done。

     5.The diagnostic accuracy and sensitivity of contrast-enhanced ultrasound are high。

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound was relatively enhancedAdvantages of CT and enhanced nuclear magnetism

     1.The whole blood perfusion process of the lesion can be dynamically observed in real time, and can be watched repeatedly, which is conducive to the differential diagnosis of the lesion and the discovery of more and smaller lesions;

     2.It can be used as a long-term follow-up monitoring method to monitor tumor recurrence;

     3.No radiation to the human body, can be repeated many times in a short time, fast and simple, even during the operation can be repeated many times in the short term, more practical in real-time interventional efficacy evaluation。

The range of applications of contrast-enhanced ultrasound

Including every system in the body

    1.Qualitative diagnosis of focal lesions:

    2.Conventional ultrasound suspected lesions, or other imaging found lesions but conventional ultrasound failed to show or showed unclear, CEUS can improve the sensitivity of detection and further qualitative diagnosis, or tissue biopsy and interventional therapy under the guidance of CEUS.

    3.Evaluation of tumor interventional therapy;

    4. Diagnosis of trauma;

    5.Others: cardiac contrast echocardiography, vascular contrast-enhanced ultrasound, hysterosalpingography (used to detect uterine and intrafallopian tube lesions, malformations, and to assess the patency of the fallopian tube), etc。