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Contest Knowledge, Skills and Youth -- Sinan County People's Hospital launched a nursing skills contest for interns in 2023
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

In order to comprehensively improve the level of nursing teaching in hospital, the study results of nursing interns in hospital were comprehensively tested, their comprehensive quality was improved, and nursing enthusiasm was stimulated。On July 13, Sinan County People's Hospital launched the 2023 intern nursing skills competition in the Medical Simulation Center。Yang Xiaoqin, member of the Party Committee and vice president of the hospital, attended the event。

此次竞赛evaluativeSkilled operations include intravenous infusion techniques and hands-free cardiopulmonary resuscitation。Before the competition, the teachers of all departments gave careful guidance. During the competition, the players devoted themselves to the competition, operated skillfully and strictly complied with the operation规程They are calm, rigorous and standardized in operation, and have a strong sense of first aid, which shows the solid theoretical foundation and first aid operation level of the nursing students展现The teaching results of the hospital nursing team。

通过The competition set up a platform for interns in the hospital to fully show themselves, and further consolidated the professional theoretical knowledge and hands-on ability of nursing interns。It also allows students to better understand their own ability level, further stimulate the enthusiasm of learning, and lay a professional foundation for the nurse career。