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Sinan County winter and spring COVID-19 prevention and control proposal
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

The broad masses of the county:

Winter and spring are the periods of high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases, and the risk of overlapping epidemics of COVID-19 and respiratory infectious diseases is increasing。Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic is still spreading around the world, with sporadic cases and clusters in many places in China。As the Spring Festival approaches, the mobility and clustering of people will increase significantly, and the situation of COVID-19 prevention and control will become more severe and complex。To ensure a peaceful and peaceful Chinese New Year, we have launched the following initiatives:

1. Proactively report informationPlease pay close attention to the official information on the classification of high-risk areas, confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections in China。If you come from overseas, domestic medium-high risk area or domestic medium-high risk area (city, state),Please take the initiative to the town (street), village (community) or unit truthfully report,Take personal protection on the return trip,Submit key information such as name, home address, contact information, ID number, and return method。If there are symptoms of fever, cough and other discomfort, the first time to the county designated medical institutions (county people's hospital) fever clinic, do not "hide, endure, carry" and delay the disease。If the information returned due to concealment or delay in reporting or causing the spread of the epidemic, the relevant legal responsibilities will be seriously investigated。

Second, cooperate with health controlPeople who come (or return) from overseas or medium-high risk areas in China should strictly accept "14-day centralized isolation + 14-day home isolation +5 nucleic acid tests (i.e., nucleic acid tests on the same day or the next day, day 3-7, day 14, day 21 and day 28)".,Home quarantine period,Does not have the conditions for home quarantine,Medical observation should be carried out in a designated isolation place in the local township (street)。People who come (or return) to the places (cities or prefectures) in the medium-high risk areas in China need to take a nucleic acid test in Qian, and they can only flow orderly with a negative nucleic acid test certificate after returning to Qian。

3. Take effective personal protectionFirmly establish the concept of "oneself is the first responsible person for health", adhere to wearing masks, washing hands frequently, more ventilation, less gathering, "one meter line", using chopsticks and other healthy lifestyles。To hospitals, tourist attractions, stations, cinemas, supermarkets, farmers' markets and other public places to do a good job of personal protection,Take the initiative to cooperate with the three prevention and control measures of "code scanning + temperature measurement + mask wearing",Maintain safe social distancing,Reduce contact with public area seats, doorknobs, escalators, elevator buttons and other frequently touched parts,Reduce stay time,Avoid crowd gathering。

4. Reduce travel and celebrate in situReasonable arrangements during holidays, reduce unnecessary travel, try not to travel across provinces, do not go to high-risk areas in the country, especially to avoid cross-border travel。The staff of party and government organs, public institutions and state-owned enterprises, especially the leading cadres of Party members, should give full play to their leading role in advocating local festivals and online New Year greetings, reducing visits to relatives and friends, and avoiding crowd gatherings。

Fifth, reduce the organization of personnel gathering activitiesAdvocate online activities,Reduce participation and organization of gathering activities,Various activities that really need to be held and held,According to "who organizes, who is responsible.,He who organizes, he who is responsible "principle,Strict implementation of approval procedures,Try to reduce the size and number of people,Prevention and control plans shall be formulated for activities involving more than 50 people,More than 100 people should be reported to the county epidemic prevention and control office for approval,Promote private family gatherings and dinners under 10 people。With the exception of red and white wedding events, other parties are prohibited。The holding of red and white wedding events should be simple, and at the same time, it must be reported to the township (street) to prevent large-scale and high-density gathering。

6. Carefully handle imported cold chain foods and articlesIn the near future, try to avoid buying and eating imported cold chain food, avoid overseas shopping and purchasing goods from overseas and medium-high risk areas, and disinfect the outer packaging of mail and packages received from these areas。When processing imported cold chain food, pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked, try to avoid eating raw, fully cooked before eating。Strengthen the epidemic prevention of imported goods and food related links, and strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of key areas such as file openings, cutting boards, utensils and surfaces, food storage refrigerators or cold storage。

7. Implement prevention and control measures in public placesPassenger stations, farmers' markets, large supermarkets, hotels (hotels), theaters, KTV, Internet cafes, retail pharmacies, religious activities, scenic spots and other densely populated key places,The primary responsibility of epidemic prevention and control should be strictly implemented,Adhere to the "bright code + temperature measurement + mask" and other control measures;Strict implementation of environmental cleaning, ventilation and disinfection and other daily prevention and control measures,We should monitor and protect the health of employees。Key institutions such as schools, kindergartens, pension welfare institutions and prisons should implement regular prevention and control measures to prevent clusters of epidemics。

8. Continue to carry out patriotic health campaignsContinue to carry out comprehensive environmental sanitation remediation actions, all units, communities, residential quarters and villages should organize and mobilize the people to carry out regular cleaning, and timely clean up health dead spots and potholes behind the house。Strengthen vector control, comprehensively eliminate the "four hazards", and improve the quality of environmental health。We will encourage all people to cultivate civilized and hygienic habits, strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and environmental management, and jointly create a healthy, safe, clean and beautiful working, living and living environment。

9. Abide by public opinion related systemsThe general public in the county should pay attention to the information released by the authorities, do not believe rumors, do not create rumors, do not spread rumors, do not arbitrarily forward and spread unverified epidemic information, consciously abide by various epidemic prevention and control measures, and jointly create a social atmosphere of scientific prevention and control and rational response。Those who cause bad influence to rumour-mongering will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law。

In the face of this war, everyone is a participant and a witness。The prevention and control of the epidemic is related to the health and safety of you, your family and the whole society. Let us go hand in hand, start from ourselves, start from the bit by bit, be the builder of healthy thinking, the practitioner of healthy life, the disseminator of health concept, protect ourselves, care for your family, and contribute to jointly stopping the spread of the epidemic!

                                                   Sinan county responds to the COVID-19 outbreak

                                                                Office of prevention and control Leading Group

                                                                         January 14, 2021