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[Civilization Initiative] @Everyone, please find this proposal to strengthen the National Healthy City
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

Proposal on consolidating the National Health City

The general public friends:

Under the strong leadership of the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, through the joint efforts of all levels and departments of the city and the broad masses of the people, our city won the honorary title of "National Health City" in 2021。The National Health City is the highest honor awarded by the National Health Care Association for urban environmental health, and is an important symbol of the overall development level and civilization of a city。Creating a clean and tidy living environment, creating a civilized and harmonious social order, and having a healthy and happy quality of life are the common wishes of every citizen, and are related to the vital interests of thousands of households, which must rely on the extensive participation of the general public。Recently, Tongren city's main urban area will welcome the national review。To this end, we propose the following initiatives to the general public:

First, active action, everyone participate。The people build the people's city, the people manage the people's city, and build the city for the people。Every citizen should firmly establish the consciousness of "Tongren is my home, Gongwei depends on everyone", actively participate in the patriotic health movement, vigorously practice the health and green environmental protection lifestyle, consciously maintain the image of the national health city, and constantly improve the happiness, sense of gain and satisfaction of the people。

Second, abandon bad habits and live a healthy life。Firmly establish the overall health concept of "oneself is the first responsible person for health"。Advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle, develop civilized and hygienic behaviors, enhance food safety awareness, advocate the use of serving chopsticks, and resist eating game。Learn and master health science knowledge, establish the concept of safe travel, and enhance environmental protection awareness。Observe the smoking ban in public places and develop healthy habits。

Observe public morality and maintain the appearance of the city。The majority of business households should seriously implement the "three guarantees in front of the door" (including health, greening, and order) responsibility system, keep the front floor clean and sanitary, the window wall clean and beautiful, remove garbage in time, and eliminate the "four hazards".。Take the initiative to clean up the small advertisements in front of the door, and stop the graffiti behavior in time。Do not occupy the road management, do not occupy the road placement, do not build disorderly hang disorderly, do not pour disorderly。Do law-abiding businesses, when civilized citizens。

4. Practice and dare to supervise。Actively maintain the cleanliness of the city is the common wish of all citizens, let us work together to do a good job of urban health supervisors, propagandists, seriously fulfill the supervision obligations, damage to urban environmental health, damage to public facilities phenomenon and behavior to dissuade, stop and report。Let us actively join the "Gong Wei" team, actively strive to be a good citizen, a health city supervisor, the defender of the city image, and make a contribution to jointly maintain the cleanliness and health of the city。

To create a national health town and strive to be a civilized person in Tongren。Let us join hands,Unite as one,Joint management,Actively participate in the consolidation of the national health city,With our enthusiasm and effort,With our hard work and sweat,Make our home more beautiful,With the firm persistence of always on the road,Guard this heavy honor,To successfully pass the national health city review to contribute their own strength!

Tongren Patriotic Health Commission office

March 17, 2023

Source: Tongren Patriotic Health Commission Office