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Protecting Children's oral health - Sinan County People's Hospital successfully completed the 2022 Comprehensive intervention project for Children's oral diseases in Guizhou Province
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

Oral diseases are a common public health problem, and caries in children and adolescents is the most prominent oral health problem in China, according to dataAccording to the fourth national Oral health Epidemiological Survey released in 2017, the prevalence of caries in permanent teeth among 12-year-olds in China was 34.Five percent, up seven percent from a decade ago.Eight percentage points。The prevalence of deciduous tooth caries in 5 year old children was 70.9 percent, up 5 percent from a decade ago.8 percent, the prevalence of caries in children has shown an increasing trend。

In recent days, the stomatology department of Sinan County People's Hospital has been effectively implemented and completedIn 2022, the provincial comprehensive intervention project for Children's oral diseases will provide free "sixth age teeth" cavity and ditch closure treatment for some students aged 6-9 years old at Wenjun Hope Primary School in Sinan County。The Sinan County People's Hospital has served more than 260 students in the stomatology department and completed the closure of more than 600 teeth。

This activity effectively improves children's health literacy, lets children understand the importance of protecting teeth, and helps children develop good habits of caring for teeth and protecting oral health from childhood。In the next step, Sinan County People's Hospital will further promote the healthy oral action, continue to carry out various forms of thematic publicity activities such as oral health into the community, into the campus, and under the township, continue to strengthen the public's understanding of oral health, improve public health literacy, and lead a healthy lifestyle。

Popular science tips:

Pit and groove sealing, also known as point gap split groove sealing (pit and fissure sealant) refers to an effective method for preventing caries by coating a layer of adhesive resin on the occlusive surface instead of removing the dental tissue, so as to protect the tooth enamel from the attack of bacteria and metabolites and enhance the anti-caries ability of the teeth for sealant。Dental cavity and groove sealing agent forms a protective barrier to prevent bacteria and food residues from entering the cavity and groove. At the same time, the original bacteria in the cavity and groove gradually die due to the loss of nutrition, thereby preventing the occurrence of cavity and groove caries and stopping the development of early caries。The method of sealing the pit is very simple, through cleaning the teeth, acid etching, washing and drying, coating sealant and curing several steps can be completed。After curing, the material is tightly bonded with the ditch wall, and has a certain anti-chewing pressure, which is not harmful to eating, and the material is non-toxic after curing, and is harmless to the human body。

Dental doctors strongly appeal to everyone: oral health is the basis of whole body health, caries (tooth decay, moth) is a common disease that endangers children's health, caries makes the tooth structure damage, affecting the child's chewing, digestion, but also affects the child's physical and mental health。Oral diseases early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, prevention。