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An open letter to the public on fire
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

Dear citizens,

Summer Weiyang, the end of the summer, is the beginning of a full autumn, while you feel the beauty of this light autumn, do not ignore all kinds of unsafe factors caused by fire, keep in mind the following safety common sense:

Be careful at home1. Check electrical appliances and circuits regularly,Discover hidden dangers and remove them in time,No private pull random connection,When you go out, remember to cut off the power, fire, gas;Teach children not to play with fire,Keep fire sources such as matches and lighter out of reach of children;Third, do not store combustible debris in front of the house, behind the house, balcony, corridor,Install anti-theft network to leave an escape exit;Fourth, electric bicycles are not parked or charged indoors, in corridors, stairwells and safety exits,Avoid fire and block escape routes;Fifth, do not buy non-national standard electric bicycles,Unauthorized modification of electric bicycles is strictly prohibited,It is strictly prohibited to park electric bicycles or charge electric bicycles in public areas such as stairs, walkways, and foyers,No pullThe "flying wire" charges the electric bicycle;6. Keep fire extinguishers, smoke masks and other fire fighting equipment at home,Organize family members to learn and use together;7. Fire,Not greedy for possessions,Immediate evacuation,If the evacuation route is blocked by smoke, there is no escape,Please close the door,Seal the door,Call 119,Wait for rescue;8. Strengthen the supervision of the elderly, the sick and the disabled at home,Help check indoor gas, electrical and fire sources,Eliminate hidden dangers in time,Remind fire safety precautions。

In the workplace:First, implement their own fire safety post responsibilities,Know the fire risk of your unit,Master the skills of self-inspection of fire hazards, initial fire fighting and self-rescue and escape of fire;Second, take care of the fire facilities and equipment around,Learn how to use a fire extinguisher, hydrant, fire reel,Can play a role in the critical moment;Third, ensure that evacuation channels and safety exits are unimpeded at all times,Do not illegally set up obstacles affecting escape and fire fighting and rescue;4. Regulate the installation and use of gas appliances and the placement of gas cylinders in the site,Equipment inspection and maintenance during the business period;In case of fire,When the fire is not very dangerous to people,To immediately use the fire extinguishing equipment around the rescue,Organize the evacuation of personnel,Simultaneous dialling"119" alarm;6. Standardize the electric welding operation, strictly implement the requirements of holding a certificate, fire approval, fire extinguishing equipment equipment, on-site fuel cleaning, on-site care, etc., clean up the site in time after the completion of the operation, and completely eliminate the spark。

When going out for shopping, accommodation, dining or entertainment in public gathering places, remember:First, pay attention to the location of the safety exit and the direction of the evacuation channel,Comply with site fire management regulations,No smoking,Do not use open flame;2. Encounter a fire,Need to keep calm,The first time to choose the nearest safety exit quickly escape;3. When the escape route is blocked by fire or smoke,According to the actual situation, the use of pipes, ropes and other self-rescue,Or find shelter close the door and signal for help。

Dear citizens, peace is a blessing and safety is the greatest。Fire safety is related to everyone's happy life, Guizhou fire I wish you every day carrying peace, infiltrated with warmth。

Sinan County Fire Safety Committee office

September 4, 2023