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Fire the summer!"Courtyard BA" came to a perfect end
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Article source: Unknown
Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

In order to stimulate the collective spirit of the cadres and staff of the whole hospital to unite, work hard and forge ahead, improve干部Staff cohesion and centripetal force。Sinan County People's Hospital"Celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Party" Party branch basketball tournamentSince the official start of the game on July 20, the hospital basketball court has staged a wonderful and fierce basketball game after another, and ushered in the final on July 21, the ultimate PK of the strong showdown has kicked off the battle。

"Great War" is imminent。The atmosphere of the final scene burned to the peak, cheers, cheers into a sound。On the court, enter the "final round" of basketball队伍Try your best to charge towards the final champion!

The players are fast, full of effort, close cooperation, clever passing, attack, defense, shooting, in the arena to sweat, beautiful turn, wonderful jump shot, tight defense, tacit cooperation, the whole game rhythm is fast, compact offensive and defensive transition, the score alternates leading。

This is a tense and exciting battle, not only the game of friendship, but also showThink of healing peopleIndomitable spirit, dedicated to the basketball fans of the whole hospital a climactic, lively and wonderful showdown。