Since 2012, our hospital has been awarded the "General Hospital TCM Work Demonstration List" by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine By the National Government Offices Administration awarded the title of "Economy-oriented Public Institution Model Unit", It was awarded the title of "Respect for the Elderly Civilization" by the National Committee on Aging and awarded by the provincial people's Government The title of "civilized Unit" was awarded "Advanced Unit of Openness of factory Affairs" by the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions of the Provincial People's Government. The title has been awarded the provincial, city and county "Advanced Unit of spiritual civilization construction", city and county "Double model" units and ground, county "advanced grass-roots party organization", "five good" grass-roots party The organization, "Advanced grass-roots Women's Federation organization" and other honors have been carried out many times in provinces, cities and counties Won the first and second prizes in medical technology, scientific research, academic and various competitions。And represent Guizhou Provincial and county-level hospitals exchange experience in hospital management throughout the country and represent county-level hospitals in the province Exchange experience in clean government education, and act as counterpart branch in Tongren City on behalf of county-level hospitals in the province Exchange of experience in aid work。Hosted the Guizhou Respiratory Academic Annual Meeting, Tongren General Foreign Science, Osteology, nursing all kinds of academic meetings 4 times, undertake the city's clean government education into the hospital, counterpart Support work site promotion meeting once each。