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Yang Lihua

职       称:Deputy chief nurse
职       务:Head nurse

Areas of expertise:With strong organizational skills, communication skills, management skills, good at critically ill patients rescue, pediatric specialty disease nursing, health education。 ​

Yang Lihua, female, born in August 1984, Tujia family, bachelor degree, started to work in September 2007, has been engaged in clinical front-line nursing。He spent eight years in emergency clinical nursing and was appointed Head nurse of pediatrics in 2015。15 years in the job,近3年的荣誉有:2019、2020、2021年年度考核均为优秀等次; 2020年获得县卫健系统专技竞赛“一等奖”;2020年被评为县级“优秀卫生工作者”;2020、2021年均被评为“优秀Head nurse”;2021年被铜仁市委评为“优秀护士”;以第一作者发表论文8篇,Municipal new technology 1。When serving as the head nurse of pediatrics, she has strong organizational skills, communication skills and management skills, and is good at rescuing critically ill patients, pediatric specialty disease nursing, and health education。