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Zeng Zhaoqi

职       称:Deputy chief physician
职       务:

Areas of expertise:The liver and respiratory diseases have more in-depth exploration and research, to the strength of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined treatment of common diseases。

Zeng Zhaoqi,男,undergraduate,CPC member,Deputy chief physician graduated from Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine on July 1, 1997,He has been engaged in clinical work since August 1997,To force the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine to treat common diseases,He has explored and studied liver and respiratory diseases in depth,Published 5 papers,Examination and preparation of professional works 2,Two personal patents,Actively participate in public health and epidemiological research and exploration,In 2003, the first in our county schools to carry out large pot soup to treat influenza,水痘,Rubella and other seasonal infectious diseases,And achieved a better social effect and economic benefits of the government school community praise