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职       称:Chief physician
职       务:Head of dermatology

Areas of expertise:Mainly good at dermatitis, eczema, condyloma and other common skin venereal disease diagnosis and treatment,The use of physical (various types of laser) and chemical (fruit acid peel) methods to treat all kinds of pigment disorder skin diseases (melasma, freckles, brown cyan nevus, Ota nevus, sunspot, etc.), all kinds of destructive skin diseases (moderate to severe acne,Various types of hyperplastic and atrophic scars) and skin photoaging (seborrheic keratosis)。Have a deeper understanding of fungal dermatosis and the diagnosis and treatment of difficult skin cases。 ​

张凤,女,Tujia,Born in February 1978,People from Sinan, Guizhou,Guiyang Medical College (now Guizhou Medical University) clinical major bachelor degree,Now Sinan County People's Hospital dermatology director,Head of dermatology and venereal diseases,Member of Expert Committee of Guizhou Medical Quality Control Center,Youth member of the fifth Committee of Dermatology Branch of Guizhou Chinese Medicine Society,"Excellent Doctor" commended by Tongren Municipal Party Committee and Tongren Municipal People's Government。
Since 1997, he has been engaged in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of skin and venereal diseases in the dermatology department of Sinan County People's Hospital。During this period, he studied dermatology in Guiyang Medical College for one year from 2005 to 2006, and Dermatology in the Three Affiliated Hospitals of Sun Yat-sen Medical University in Guangdong Province for six months in 2022。He has successively published in the core journals of domestic medical and health professionals such as "Observation of the efficacy of single needle Gold microneedle combined with isotretinoic acid capsule in the treatment of moderate and severe Acne", "Clinical characteristics Analysis of patients with different age groups of Trigeminal post-herpes neuralgia", "Observation of the Efficacy of mannanopeptide combined with Desloratadine tablets in the treatment of Chronic urticaria" and so on8 medical papers,Promote the application of new technology 2,Obtained a number of professional utility model patents。