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Ran Xianling

职       称:Deputy chief nurse
职       务:

Areas of expertise:Be able to master the common diseases, frequently-occurring nursing, routine nursing knowledge and physical examination related knowledge of the obstetric system。

Ran Xianling, deputy chief nurse。Graduated from the maternal and Child Major of Tongren Health School in July 1995, completed clinical nursing work in the obstetrics Department from September 1995 to July 2019, and has been working in the physical examination Department of Sinan County People's Hospital since August 2019。During the period of junior college self-study examination, graduated from Guiyang Medical College in December 2005。In December 2019, I obtained the qualification of deputy chief nurse of obstetrics department and was appointed. I am able to master the nursing of common diseases and frequently occurring diseases in the obstetric system, routine nursing knowledge and knowledge related to physical examination。