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You Deyuan

职       称:Chief physician
职       务:Head of the emergency Department

Areas of expertise:He is mainly good at the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and difficult diseases,He has rich clinical experience in the rescue of critical cases,Especially in acute and chronic poisoning, acute and chronic heart failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, acute chest and abdominal pain, acute dyspnea, acute disturbance of consciousness, high fever, sepsis, hypertension and so on。Presided over and participated in the rescue of Sinan County public emergency for many times。

You Deyuan, Bachelor degree,Now Sinan County People's Hospital emergency department directorIn July 1996, I graduated from Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, majoring in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was assigned to Sinan County People's Hospital in the same year6Engaged in emergency work18Promoted to chief physician in 2021In the past 5 years, he has presided over 1 municipal scientific research project, participated in 2 municipal scientific research projects, and published 7 papers。Awarded once by the county and municipal level。