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Tian Maochan

职       称:Chief nurse
职       务:Head nurse

Areas of expertise:Specializes in rehabilitation care of various diseases in anesthesiology/operating room。

Tian Maochan, female, currently Sinan County People's Hospital operating room nurse, chief nurse, graduated from Tongren Health School in 1997, in 1998 to work。In 2003, he completed the self-study examination of higher continuing education and obtained the junior college diploma of Guiyang Medical College. In 2011, he completed the self-study examination of higher continuing education and obtained the undergraduate diploma of Guiyang Medical College。From October 2008 to January 2009, I studied in the operating room of Southwest Hospital. In September 2012, I participated in the training course for operating room Specialist nurses held by the Chinese Nursing Association entrusted by the Medical Administration Department of the Ministry of Health and obtained the certificate of operating room Specialist Nurse。In September 2016, he was awarded the deputy chairman of the first operating Room Nursing Professional Committee of Tongren Medical Association。In December 2017, he was elected as a member of the 10th Operating room Professional Committee of Guizhou Nursing Society。In December 2020, he was named the first member of Tongren Medical Association Nursing Society Branch。In December 2012, he obtained the qualification of supervisor nurse, in December 2017, he obtained the qualification of deputy chief nurse, and in December 2020, he obtained the qualification of chief nurse。I have written 8 nursing papers and published them in medical journals above the provincial level. In 2020, I invented 12 practical new patents (including 6 first author, 5 second author and 1 third author) and promoted 1 new technology。In August 2017, I won the excellence award in the theory exam of the county Health Emergency Skills Exercise Competition, and in 2019, I won the excellent nurse of the second Doctor Festival in Tongren City, and was awarded the excellent Head nurse in 2019。Awarded Excellent Head Nurse in 2021。